My perpetual weekend

Have a good weekend!

I hear that almost every Friday from someone I run into in town or speak to on the phone.  I usually give a half smile and say, “you have one too!”  I walk away with a warm (maybe smug) feeling, knowing that someone could wish me that any day of the week, and it wouldn’t be any different.

I worked for the same company (in various positions) for forty years.  What that means is that for forty years there was no long break in my responsibilities.  Yes, I had vacations that allowed me to get away from the office for a couple of weeks at a time, but the responsibility was still there, and my mind never completely left the job.  There weren’t breaks during which I gave up one set of responsibilities, and then took a breather before starting the next set of responsibilities.

Most projects and recreation were relegated to weekends, with the bigger projects relegated to the long weekends.  Sometimes I WOULD become so engrossed in projects (or hikes, pedals, or  paddles) that job responsibilities would slip to the back of my mind, but as soon as there was a break in whatever I was doing my mind would drift back to work.

My perpetual weekend means that there’s no work for my mind to drift back to.  When I have a break in a project my mind drifts to another project (or to my next trip).  Now I think I know what relaxation is.

I created this ‘place’ (I don’t think it could really be called a blog) because I want to keep track of some of what I’m doing.  It may just become a portal linking to other sites about what I’m doing.